Monday, 20 June 2011


Uma was so excited, she had not been on a date for a very long time. She had placed it in a box, padlocked it and labelled it as unimportant, its not like she had given up on love e.t.c she just thought Dee, Gina and Trey were more important. Her little family.

Well today at work she got asked out on date by Micheal. One of her regular customers at the resteraunt, he always complemented her meals and insisted on having meals prepared by her. He wasn’t half bad either, tall dark and handsome with a voice so deep it made you heart do the twist.

Her thoughts were disturbed by voices coming from the living room, it was treys and Dee

“I just mean she can’t possible know who you are, we looked for information for years and found nothing”

She?? Who were they talking about? Dee has been acting strange lately, if only she would open up to her about what’s bothering her.

Uma made her way downstairs and found Trey at the bottom of the stairs

“What’s going on?” she asked

“its nothing” he said as he turned to her. His face stopped as he took in her appearance , he looked like he had stopped breathing

“Trey, You ok” she asked concerned about his sudden non movement. When he said nothing, she moved further down the stair towards him. “Trey” she said as she reached him, she could see his hearth beating and a sigh of relief escaped her

“You are freaking me out trey, say something”

He took a few steps away from her and said “why you all are dressed up”

“You going out” she watched him struggle with the last line

“Yes I am,” she said. still concerned she asked again “are you sure you are ok, you can call in sick if you need to”

“I’m fine” pause “who are you going with?”

“With a friend” she said blushing

“what’s this friends name?”

“Michael” she watched as he squeezed his hand tightly. She honestly did not get why everyone was acting straggly. Was a bug going round and if so, what was the cure.

The front door opened and Gina walked in

“Oh wow, you look super-hot” Gina said which resulted in another blush from Uma

“Thank you Gina”

“Have you two finally hit it off, good because it was getting ridiculous.”

Trey walked out the door, his face filled with anger. Uma`s excitement went down a notch. She had always had feelings for him but she was not even close to being good enough for him. He was handsome and smart and brave and he could have any woman he wanted. He did approach her once but she knew he did so out of pity for her, that was trey, he was always very thoughtful and kind. But she could not live a love built on pity or watch him pretend to want to kiss her or hold her.

“I’ll take that as a no” Gina voice ran through her ears “you do know he cares for you Uma, you keep turning him down and it crushes him”

“You don’t understand Gina”

“erm I think I do, it’s not like I’m 5 or something, he likes you and you like him but you are to darn stubborn to realise it.”

“Its not like that”

“Look whatever it is; don’t you think trey is worth it?”

“No he is worth more and that’s why we can never be. Now if you don’t mind I have a date to get to”

That was the problem, she could never make him happy. he deserved a complete woman, one who would be happy to bear him children.

Thursday, 16 June 2011


So I woke up this morning determined to find out who Ms Slayer was.

“hey, be home early tonight, I might have something to tell everyone” Uma shouted as I ran out the door

“sure” I shouted back

I set about looking for any sign of a Ms Slayer at work, I checked the shit boards, walked up and down the hospital looking at name plaques on doors Still no sign of a Ms Slayer

So I decided to ask about, someone had to know who she was. I asked a colleague Amy, she simple shook her head left to right as she peered into the pages of a book.

Plumbob why doesn’t anyone know her, does that mean she lied?

“Delilah” a voice from behind me said

“I heard you’re looking for Ms Slayer” she had the same pale complexion as Ms Slayer

“yes, I am. Do you know her?”

“of course, she is a consultant at the hospital, she only comes in when she is needed. Which is why she doesn’t have an office here” that would explain why she couldn’t find an office with her name tag on it, well kinda

“how come no one seems to know who she is”

“that`s because she is known as Elvira not Ms Slayer” ok that explains that

“she would like you to come visit her. Here is her address” she handed me a paper with scribbles on it

“she will be expecting you” the strange woman began walking away

“hey, I don’t know your name”

“sweetie my name is not important “ what’s with all the mystery, I seriously just can’t take this plumbob anymore

I decided to go home, I was no use to anyone in the state I was.

As I was getting home, trey was just about to leave for work. He wasn’t really happy about his position at the police station, so he worked extremely hard everyday, being a snitch really irritated him, but he never showed it.

“hi Dee, what’s up”

“nothing, except for my life turning upside down, I said as I walked past him. He pulled me back and said

“hey what do you mean, who has upset you” his face had turned to the overprotective brother mode. He looked ready to punch the lights out of whoever had upset me.

“I don’t know trey, its just this woman. She seems to know who I am.”

“what how?” he sounded shocked from the what she had just told him

“I don’t know trey, I really don’t know”

“calm down, I assure you this woman, whoever she is has no clue, she is just lying”

“how can you be so sure?” trey had turned his face to the ground and wait a minute.. Why I’m I getting a feeling he is hiding something from me

“trey, is there something you want to tell me?”

“I just mean she can’t possible know who you are, we looked for information for years and found nothing” makes sense I guess because I was thinking the exact same thing. But I still had that feeling that he was hiding something from me. Still I had to go see her and find out what she knew otherwise I will go mad thinking about it.

“I’m ok trey, go to work or you’ll be late”

As soon as trey left, I went into the bathroom and had a quick shower. It was time to pay Ms slayer a visit

The scribbled address on the paper lead me to a high rise apartment. The door seamed shut from the inside, on the side were number with names written on the side. I didn’t see Ms Slayer`s name so I pressed for the number on the paper.

“come in” a voice said from the speaker phone and the door opened with a click sound.

As I walked through the doors, there was a lift up ahead. I pressed for the .8th floor and entered. I can tell that I’m nervous, my palm was sweaty and I couldn’t stop playing with my bracelet. I have no idea on what to expect, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea coming here on my own.

The lift stopped and opened its door and there she was standing in a door way, her face lit up with a smile. I felt my whole body shiver as I walked towards her; this gave me the energy and determination to want to find out what was going on once and for all.

“I have been expecting you my dear” she said as she ushered me into the apartment, her hand felt ice cold and she smelt odd

“Would you like something to drink dear?”

“no thank you,” the apartment was darkly decorated, nothing like the home uma had created. It had red candles lit and dark coloured furniture. I decided to hit the nail on the head and ask “how do you know me?”

“very impatient aren’t you, we have all night to talk”

“you might but I don’t, I have to be home very soon. So please I ask again. How do you know me?”

“Come now dear, is that anyway to talk to your mother”

Woman from the Dark 2

Today was a nightmare; I have spent my whole day cleaning up bed pans. Ergh it was horrible, bed pan after bed pan, I threw up about 5 to 6 times. All because of that woman, she has been constantly hunting me in my dreams, her words playing like music on repeat in my head “ … the most important question is who are you?”

Oh man, I can’t wait to get home and soak myself in a lovely warm bath. As I opened the door my eye moved round the familiar surroundings and my whole body relaxed just a tiny bit. I was already beginning to feel better… well that was until I saw her.

There she was, the woman from the previous night the one I see every time I closed my eyes at night. What was she doing here?

“oh hi Dee, Ms Slayer just came by to tell me how well you are doing at the hospital, oh I am so proud of you” Uma said as she gave me a warm hug

I only knew it was a warm hug because every hug she gave was warm but right now I couldn’t feel the warmth from her hug. My attention was focused on the woman sat on our couch, something about her made me very uneasy and I didn’t like her being in the house.

“oh Delilah, you are such a delight to watch at the hospital, very attentive to details , which is a very important skill at the hospital” she said as she rose from the couch, her voice icy cold. It had no warmth to it, it didn’t even sound delighted in any way. Infact I can bet my catalyst chemistry lab station 5000 that she was lying.

“Dee, I think you say thank you” Uma voice interrupted my thoughts

“im sorry thank you”

“I guess ill be leaving now, thank you for your hospitality Uma” she said as she vanished out the door.

With that she was gone, but I could still feel her aura and it affected me on an emotional level. Why was this woman interested in me and why haven’t I seen her at the clinic before?

“Dee, what is wrong, you have been acting troubled lately and I can tell you don’t sleep because you have 2 cups of coffee in the morning before you leave”

“It’s nothing I’m fine, just abit tired” which was half true, all the emotional debating about who this woman was and her interest in me was draining me in every way.

“Dee, please tell me what’s wrong” I could see the worrying in Uma`s eyes and I couldn’t let her worry over me to much otherwise she will get just as stressed as I was

“Ok, I met her a couple of nights ago for the first time and she was creepy like” I said trying to express how creped out I was that night.

“I mean I haven’t seen her at the clinic so how does she know I’m doing so well. Which by the way I’m not, Ever since i meet her, I have been having strange dreams and lots of sleepless nights and its distracting me at the clinic, so much that I’ve been assigned to bed pan cleaner for a month”

“Oh Dee, I’m sorry you feel that way. Why didn’t you tell me before?”


“Yes because …?”

“Well because, I didn’t want you worrying”

“It’s my job to worry Dee; you know I love you and Gina like you were my sisters and that why I worry so much about you two”

“I know I’m sorry. I guess I just thought it would go away eventually”

“It’s all right, now go shower and I’ll make dinner; you look exhausted and stink of pee”

“Really! In that case can I get another hug then”

“Erm right after you have a shower”

“No I want one now” I said as I began to chase her all over the house

“I thought you said you loved me”

“I mean it Dee, get your pee smelling self into the bathroom” Uma said as she reached for a pillow and wham, The pillow made contact with my stomach.

“oh you are going to get it”

I reached for another pillow and hit her in the face with it. Although I didn’t mean to, I found the face she made extremely funny. I laughed so hard my belly hurt so bad.

and like that my worries just slipped away, i had a warm bath and enjoyed the spaghetti dinner Uma made.

I was able to relax and sleep without seeing the mysterious Ms Slayer.

tonight I will enjoy my peaceful sleep but tomorrow i will find out who she is.

Friday, 10 June 2011

woman from the dark

Hi, my name is Delilah. I am 23 going on 24 and I live with my two sisters and a brother. Well we are not really related by blood but we love each other just the same.

I am currently in medical school which i am almost done with. Yup soon I will be Dr Delilah… im still working on the last name because I don’t really have one. I never knew my parents as I was abandoned at a care home as a baby with nothing but a note that just said “Delilah”,

Still life isn’t all that bad, I have a happy family now. We all grew up at the same care home, thats how we meet and ever since we have been a very tight family.

Where are my manners, let me introduce you to them. We have Gina, now as much as I love her, she can be a pain in my Ass. She is the youngest and therefore gets away with her annoying pranks, its always “its just a phase” or “she really didn’t mean it” from Uma.

Talking of Uma, she is like the mother of the house; I can’t begin to imagine what life would have been without her. She held the family together when things threaten to break us apart, which was quite often, trust me.

Last but most definitely not the least, is the man of the family. Trey short for Tremaine, thanks to his inheritance from a long lost dead uncle, we were able to buy a house and pay for my medical school. I could say he is the daddy of the family but Uma would most likely kill me and then Trey would have to arrest her because he is a police officer……

Na he wouldn’t, he had a soft spot for Uma, no matter how many times Uma failed to acknowledge his feelings for her.

Right so that’s a sneak peak into the lives of most present at our breakfast table.

“Mmm Uma, your waffles taste delicious, as always” I said as I launched my fork into my plate for another piece

“I say we need more vegetables in our meal” Gina said looking down at her plate

“I’m sorry Gina ill add more vegetables next time”

“Why are you apologising, if she doesn’t like it then she doesn’t have to eat” I said giving Gina a stare down look

“no she is right, we need more vegetables, it’s good for the body” Uma said, as always tolerating Gina`s childish outbursts

“If you don’t want it ill have it” I said as I reached for her plate

“Hey back off, book worm” Gina said and started munching the waffles

I watched as she ate greedily “spoilt brat” i said

“No name callings at the table, Tom and Jerry” Uma said jokingly

“Whatever I’m off, got to get to the hospital early” I said


Today was a long day, I had to do an extra shift at the hospital. I should feel tired but for some reason I felt pretty good. I have always loved the night time, Mostly because I loved the darkness, most people are afraid of it but not me. I kind of feel more at home in it, like it embraces me somehow. Anyway enough weird facts, talking of weird, I could feel someone following me. I crept into a dark alley and waited for the person to pass by. I saw the figure move a few inches in front of me and then stepped out to see who it was.

Oh no Apollo Bloom, he was the most annoying human being on the planet, he thought he was god’s gift to the woman race which is why he named himself Apollo after the Greek god and Bloom after the Hollywood star Orlando Bloom.

"Why are you following me?”

“Because we were meant for each other baby, nothing can separate us” he said in his usual arrogant manner

“Except for a jail cell, which u will be in if u don’t stop pestering me”

“Come on baby, let daddy show you a good time” he said unshaken by the threat of a jail cell.

“Apollo If you don’t leave me alone, while you are sleeping ill cut of that piece of your anatomy that fuels you egotistic self-confidence and feed It to you for breakfast”

Ok that worked because he began taking steps backwards away from her. That should get rid of him for the week. Time to get home before Uma sent Trey and a search out looking for her.

“Delilah To Skouro” the woman’s voice was edgy and cold. She could not recognise her face so how did she know her name.

“Who are you and how do you know my name” she was definitely freaking me out, she half wished she got a cab like Uma always told her to

“who I am is not important, the most important question is who are you?”

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


In the once so very peacefull land of PLANORGA, cries of mothers being separated from their babies filled the once calm air, For you see The king had declared that all female children be taken and slaughtered. This came soon after the king received a surprise visit from his seer who foretold that a female child born into the kingdom shall overpower him and take his throne. Even though the seer had told him the child would be only months old, he had taken precaution and asked that all female children between the ages of 0 to 4 years be killed and he let no room for exceptions not even his own daughter.

“We have to send them away akea, it’s our only option” deni mother of the earth said to akea

Akea knew deni was right; her husband had gone into a mad rage when he was told of the profecy and immediately sent his men to run through the kingdom and kill all female children. He heart sunk when he stated that his daughter be taken first and slaughtered as an example. It was only when she argued that the soldiers start from the outskirt of the kingdom and work their way inwards to avoid any escape plan, was she able to buy more time But time was running out fast as the screams and cries were getting closer to the castle. it tore he up inside just thinking about the separation but she knew deni was right, she had to do this for her daughters safety.

“you have to send my daughter to” Lilith the mother of darkness said as she walked towards them. It was a very rare occasion to see the dark mother walk in the light. Infact the only time she did was when she was summoned.

“how dare you come here lilith” deni mother of the earth quickly replied.

The hatred deni had for Lilith was well known in the kingdom and justified, considering Lilith had tried to seduce her husband and might have even succeeded. Some say her daughter is as a result of the seduction but it was just rumours, at least deni hoped it was.

Lilith turned to akea and begged

“please send my daughter away, do not do this for me but for the sake of my innocent daughter”

lilith knew akea as queen and mother of mothers could not block out a mothers cry or deny the safety of a child no matter who the parent might be.

“I cannot deny her deni, the danger that threatens the lives of our daughters threatens hers to”

“but u do not know the implications of saving a child born from her womb, the evil that little devil child be capable of, I say we leave her be” deni said with anger lacing every word as she turned away.

Lilith followed her and pleaded with lilith she may not like the woman but she had to beg for the sake of her daughter “whatever hatred you have towards me should be addressed to me and not my daughter” Lilith said from behind her “she is all I’ve got and I can’t bear to see anything happen to her”

Akea had heard enough and made her decision.“ you can not judge an innocent life based on what the parent did or didn’t do. Little Delilah goes and that’s final” she would send all three girls to the mortal world to be raised by a guardian she trust. There they will stay till the kingdom was safe to return, she just hoped that time would come.

“but …”

“I said that’s final deni” akea injected before deni could finish her objections. She knew deni would not argue with her any further, they might all be rulers in their own rights but she wand what she says was rule.

“now go and say your goodbyes to your daughters for they leave in 5minutes, make it count for this might be the last time you ever see them.” The mothers hurried to their daughters to say their farwells.

Farewell My Daughter

Akea held back the tears that threatened to flow through her eyes for she knew her Uma could sense her feelings and cried at time when she felt her sadness which could make sneaking her out of the kingdom extremely difficult. “my darling, I want you to be brave and strong, take care of the other girls like they were you sisters, and try not to forget I love you. Farwell my daughter”

Lilith felt a weight lift off her heart as she heard akea accept her daughter, she would forever be grateful to her. “look down at the world my dear, all this can be yours if you so wish. Nothing is impossible for you, the blood of your father that runs through you has made that so. Farwell my daughter”

Deni was angered by akea`s decision, the idea of having her daughter grow up with the spawn of lilith was uncomfortable for her but she knew she had no choice. To save her daughter she had to follow akeas decision. “gina child of the earth, grow well and know help is never far from you as long as your feet stand on solid earth. Farwell my daughter”

the three young girls were taken from their mother and sneaked out of the kingdom and into the world of the mortals. each mother banned from ever contacting their daughters in any way or form for risk of exposing their location to the king.

however who said the mortal would was safe