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In the once so very peacefull land of PLANORGA, cries of mothers being separated from their babies filled the once calm air, For you see The king had declared that all female children be taken and slaughtered. This came soon after the king received a surprise visit from his seer who foretold that a female child born into the kingdom shall overpower him and take his throne. Even though the seer had told him the child would be only months old, he had taken precaution and asked that all female children between the ages of 0 to 4 years be killed and he let no room for exceptions not even his own daughter.

“We have to send them away akea, it’s our only option” deni mother of the earth said to akea

Akea knew deni was right; her husband had gone into a mad rage when he was told of the profecy and immediately sent his men to run through the kingdom and kill all female children. He heart sunk when he stated that his daughter be taken first and slaughtered as an example. It was only when she argued that the soldiers start from the outskirt of the kingdom and work their way inwards to avoid any escape plan, was she able to buy more time But time was running out fast as the screams and cries were getting closer to the castle. it tore he up inside just thinking about the separation but she knew deni was right, she had to do this for her daughters safety.

“you have to send my daughter to” Lilith the mother of darkness said as she walked towards them. It was a very rare occasion to see the dark mother walk in the light. Infact the only time she did was when she was summoned.

“how dare you come here lilith” deni mother of the earth quickly replied.

The hatred deni had for Lilith was well known in the kingdom and justified, considering Lilith had tried to seduce her husband and might have even succeeded. Some say her daughter is as a result of the seduction but it was just rumours, at least deni hoped it was.

Lilith turned to akea and begged

“please send my daughter away, do not do this for me but for the sake of my innocent daughter”

lilith knew akea as queen and mother of mothers could not block out a mothers cry or deny the safety of a child no matter who the parent might be.

“I cannot deny her deni, the danger that threatens the lives of our daughters threatens hers to”

“but u do not know the implications of saving a child born from her womb, the evil that little devil child be capable of, I say we leave her be” deni said with anger lacing every word as she turned away.

Lilith followed her and pleaded with lilith she may not like the woman but she had to beg for the sake of her daughter “whatever hatred you have towards me should be addressed to me and not my daughter” Lilith said from behind her “she is all I’ve got and I can’t bear to see anything happen to her”

Akea had heard enough and made her decision.“ you can not judge an innocent life based on what the parent did or didn’t do. Little Delilah goes and that’s final” she would send all three girls to the mortal world to be raised by a guardian she trust. There they will stay till the kingdom was safe to return, she just hoped that time would come.

“but …”

“I said that’s final deni” akea injected before deni could finish her objections. She knew deni would not argue with her any further, they might all be rulers in their own rights but she wand what she says was rule.

“now go and say your goodbyes to your daughters for they leave in 5minutes, make it count for this might be the last time you ever see them.” The mothers hurried to their daughters to say their farwells.

Farewell My Daughter

Akea held back the tears that threatened to flow through her eyes for she knew her Uma could sense her feelings and cried at time when she felt her sadness which could make sneaking her out of the kingdom extremely difficult. “my darling, I want you to be brave and strong, take care of the other girls like they were you sisters, and try not to forget I love you. Farwell my daughter”

Lilith felt a weight lift off her heart as she heard akea accept her daughter, she would forever be grateful to her. “look down at the world my dear, all this can be yours if you so wish. Nothing is impossible for you, the blood of your father that runs through you has made that so. Farwell my daughter”

Deni was angered by akea`s decision, the idea of having her daughter grow up with the spawn of lilith was uncomfortable for her but she knew she had no choice. To save her daughter she had to follow akeas decision. “gina child of the earth, grow well and know help is never far from you as long as your feet stand on solid earth. Farwell my daughter”

the three young girls were taken from their mother and sneaked out of the kingdom and into the world of the mortals. each mother banned from ever contacting their daughters in any way or form for risk of exposing their location to the king.

however who said the mortal would was safe


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