Monday, 20 June 2011


Uma was so excited, she had not been on a date for a very long time. She had placed it in a box, padlocked it and labelled it as unimportant, its not like she had given up on love e.t.c she just thought Dee, Gina and Trey were more important. Her little family.

Well today at work she got asked out on date by Micheal. One of her regular customers at the resteraunt, he always complemented her meals and insisted on having meals prepared by her. He wasn’t half bad either, tall dark and handsome with a voice so deep it made you heart do the twist.

Her thoughts were disturbed by voices coming from the living room, it was treys and Dee

“I just mean she can’t possible know who you are, we looked for information for years and found nothing”

She?? Who were they talking about? Dee has been acting strange lately, if only she would open up to her about what’s bothering her.

Uma made her way downstairs and found Trey at the bottom of the stairs

“What’s going on?” she asked

“its nothing” he said as he turned to her. His face stopped as he took in her appearance , he looked like he had stopped breathing

“Trey, You ok” she asked concerned about his sudden non movement. When he said nothing, she moved further down the stair towards him. “Trey” she said as she reached him, she could see his hearth beating and a sigh of relief escaped her

“You are freaking me out trey, say something”

He took a few steps away from her and said “why you all are dressed up”

“You going out” she watched him struggle with the last line

“Yes I am,” she said. still concerned she asked again “are you sure you are ok, you can call in sick if you need to”

“I’m fine” pause “who are you going with?”

“With a friend” she said blushing

“what’s this friends name?”

“Michael” she watched as he squeezed his hand tightly. She honestly did not get why everyone was acting straggly. Was a bug going round and if so, what was the cure.

The front door opened and Gina walked in

“Oh wow, you look super-hot” Gina said which resulted in another blush from Uma

“Thank you Gina”

“Have you two finally hit it off, good because it was getting ridiculous.”

Trey walked out the door, his face filled with anger. Uma`s excitement went down a notch. She had always had feelings for him but she was not even close to being good enough for him. He was handsome and smart and brave and he could have any woman he wanted. He did approach her once but she knew he did so out of pity for her, that was trey, he was always very thoughtful and kind. But she could not live a love built on pity or watch him pretend to want to kiss her or hold her.

“I’ll take that as a no” Gina voice ran through her ears “you do know he cares for you Uma, you keep turning him down and it crushes him”

“You don’t understand Gina”

“erm I think I do, it’s not like I’m 5 or something, he likes you and you like him but you are to darn stubborn to realise it.”

“Its not like that”

“Look whatever it is; don’t you think trey is worth it?”

“No he is worth more and that’s why we can never be. Now if you don’t mind I have a date to get to”

That was the problem, she could never make him happy. he deserved a complete woman, one who would be happy to bear him children.

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