Friday, 10 June 2011

woman from the dark

Hi, my name is Delilah. I am 23 going on 24 and I live with my two sisters and a brother. Well we are not really related by blood but we love each other just the same.

I am currently in medical school which i am almost done with. Yup soon I will be Dr Delilah… im still working on the last name because I don’t really have one. I never knew my parents as I was abandoned at a care home as a baby with nothing but a note that just said “Delilah”,

Still life isn’t all that bad, I have a happy family now. We all grew up at the same care home, thats how we meet and ever since we have been a very tight family.

Where are my manners, let me introduce you to them. We have Gina, now as much as I love her, she can be a pain in my Ass. She is the youngest and therefore gets away with her annoying pranks, its always “its just a phase” or “she really didn’t mean it” from Uma.

Talking of Uma, she is like the mother of the house; I can’t begin to imagine what life would have been without her. She held the family together when things threaten to break us apart, which was quite often, trust me.

Last but most definitely not the least, is the man of the family. Trey short for Tremaine, thanks to his inheritance from a long lost dead uncle, we were able to buy a house and pay for my medical school. I could say he is the daddy of the family but Uma would most likely kill me and then Trey would have to arrest her because he is a police officer……

Na he wouldn’t, he had a soft spot for Uma, no matter how many times Uma failed to acknowledge his feelings for her.

Right so that’s a sneak peak into the lives of most present at our breakfast table.

“Mmm Uma, your waffles taste delicious, as always” I said as I launched my fork into my plate for another piece

“I say we need more vegetables in our meal” Gina said looking down at her plate

“I’m sorry Gina ill add more vegetables next time”

“Why are you apologising, if she doesn’t like it then she doesn’t have to eat” I said giving Gina a stare down look

“no she is right, we need more vegetables, it’s good for the body” Uma said, as always tolerating Gina`s childish outbursts

“If you don’t want it ill have it” I said as I reached for her plate

“Hey back off, book worm” Gina said and started munching the waffles

I watched as she ate greedily “spoilt brat” i said

“No name callings at the table, Tom and Jerry” Uma said jokingly

“Whatever I’m off, got to get to the hospital early” I said


Today was a long day, I had to do an extra shift at the hospital. I should feel tired but for some reason I felt pretty good. I have always loved the night time, Mostly because I loved the darkness, most people are afraid of it but not me. I kind of feel more at home in it, like it embraces me somehow. Anyway enough weird facts, talking of weird, I could feel someone following me. I crept into a dark alley and waited for the person to pass by. I saw the figure move a few inches in front of me and then stepped out to see who it was.

Oh no Apollo Bloom, he was the most annoying human being on the planet, he thought he was god’s gift to the woman race which is why he named himself Apollo after the Greek god and Bloom after the Hollywood star Orlando Bloom.

"Why are you following me?”

“Because we were meant for each other baby, nothing can separate us” he said in his usual arrogant manner

“Except for a jail cell, which u will be in if u don’t stop pestering me”

“Come on baby, let daddy show you a good time” he said unshaken by the threat of a jail cell.

“Apollo If you don’t leave me alone, while you are sleeping ill cut of that piece of your anatomy that fuels you egotistic self-confidence and feed It to you for breakfast”

Ok that worked because he began taking steps backwards away from her. That should get rid of him for the week. Time to get home before Uma sent Trey and a search out looking for her.

“Delilah To Skouro” the woman’s voice was edgy and cold. She could not recognise her face so how did she know her name.

“Who are you and how do you know my name” she was definitely freaking me out, she half wished she got a cab like Uma always told her to

“who I am is not important, the most important question is who are you?”

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