Thursday, 16 June 2011

Woman from the Dark 2

Today was a nightmare; I have spent my whole day cleaning up bed pans. Ergh it was horrible, bed pan after bed pan, I threw up about 5 to 6 times. All because of that woman, she has been constantly hunting me in my dreams, her words playing like music on repeat in my head “ … the most important question is who are you?”

Oh man, I can’t wait to get home and soak myself in a lovely warm bath. As I opened the door my eye moved round the familiar surroundings and my whole body relaxed just a tiny bit. I was already beginning to feel better… well that was until I saw her.

There she was, the woman from the previous night the one I see every time I closed my eyes at night. What was she doing here?

“oh hi Dee, Ms Slayer just came by to tell me how well you are doing at the hospital, oh I am so proud of you” Uma said as she gave me a warm hug

I only knew it was a warm hug because every hug she gave was warm but right now I couldn’t feel the warmth from her hug. My attention was focused on the woman sat on our couch, something about her made me very uneasy and I didn’t like her being in the house.

“oh Delilah, you are such a delight to watch at the hospital, very attentive to details , which is a very important skill at the hospital” she said as she rose from the couch, her voice icy cold. It had no warmth to it, it didn’t even sound delighted in any way. Infact I can bet my catalyst chemistry lab station 5000 that she was lying.

“Dee, I think you say thank you” Uma voice interrupted my thoughts

“im sorry thank you”

“I guess ill be leaving now, thank you for your hospitality Uma” she said as she vanished out the door.

With that she was gone, but I could still feel her aura and it affected me on an emotional level. Why was this woman interested in me and why haven’t I seen her at the clinic before?

“Dee, what is wrong, you have been acting troubled lately and I can tell you don’t sleep because you have 2 cups of coffee in the morning before you leave”

“It’s nothing I’m fine, just abit tired” which was half true, all the emotional debating about who this woman was and her interest in me was draining me in every way.

“Dee, please tell me what’s wrong” I could see the worrying in Uma`s eyes and I couldn’t let her worry over me to much otherwise she will get just as stressed as I was

“Ok, I met her a couple of nights ago for the first time and she was creepy like” I said trying to express how creped out I was that night.

“I mean I haven’t seen her at the clinic so how does she know I’m doing so well. Which by the way I’m not, Ever since i meet her, I have been having strange dreams and lots of sleepless nights and its distracting me at the clinic, so much that I’ve been assigned to bed pan cleaner for a month”

“Oh Dee, I’m sorry you feel that way. Why didn’t you tell me before?”


“Yes because …?”

“Well because, I didn’t want you worrying”

“It’s my job to worry Dee; you know I love you and Gina like you were my sisters and that why I worry so much about you two”

“I know I’m sorry. I guess I just thought it would go away eventually”

“It’s all right, now go shower and I’ll make dinner; you look exhausted and stink of pee”

“Really! In that case can I get another hug then”

“Erm right after you have a shower”

“No I want one now” I said as I began to chase her all over the house

“I thought you said you loved me”

“I mean it Dee, get your pee smelling self into the bathroom” Uma said as she reached for a pillow and wham, The pillow made contact with my stomach.

“oh you are going to get it”

I reached for another pillow and hit her in the face with it. Although I didn’t mean to, I found the face she made extremely funny. I laughed so hard my belly hurt so bad.

and like that my worries just slipped away, i had a warm bath and enjoyed the spaghetti dinner Uma made.

I was able to relax and sleep without seeing the mysterious Ms Slayer.

tonight I will enjoy my peaceful sleep but tomorrow i will find out who she is.

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  1. Aw I'm glad Dee was able to relax ^_^ I can't wait to read the next chapter :)