Thursday, 16 June 2011


So I woke up this morning determined to find out who Ms Slayer was.

“hey, be home early tonight, I might have something to tell everyone” Uma shouted as I ran out the door

“sure” I shouted back

I set about looking for any sign of a Ms Slayer at work, I checked the shit boards, walked up and down the hospital looking at name plaques on doors Still no sign of a Ms Slayer

So I decided to ask about, someone had to know who she was. I asked a colleague Amy, she simple shook her head left to right as she peered into the pages of a book.

Plumbob why doesn’t anyone know her, does that mean she lied?

“Delilah” a voice from behind me said

“I heard you’re looking for Ms Slayer” she had the same pale complexion as Ms Slayer

“yes, I am. Do you know her?”

“of course, she is a consultant at the hospital, she only comes in when she is needed. Which is why she doesn’t have an office here” that would explain why she couldn’t find an office with her name tag on it, well kinda

“how come no one seems to know who she is”

“that`s because she is known as Elvira not Ms Slayer” ok that explains that

“she would like you to come visit her. Here is her address” she handed me a paper with scribbles on it

“she will be expecting you” the strange woman began walking away

“hey, I don’t know your name”

“sweetie my name is not important “ what’s with all the mystery, I seriously just can’t take this plumbob anymore

I decided to go home, I was no use to anyone in the state I was.

As I was getting home, trey was just about to leave for work. He wasn’t really happy about his position at the police station, so he worked extremely hard everyday, being a snitch really irritated him, but he never showed it.

“hi Dee, what’s up”

“nothing, except for my life turning upside down, I said as I walked past him. He pulled me back and said

“hey what do you mean, who has upset you” his face had turned to the overprotective brother mode. He looked ready to punch the lights out of whoever had upset me.

“I don’t know trey, its just this woman. She seems to know who I am.”

“what how?” he sounded shocked from the what she had just told him

“I don’t know trey, I really don’t know”

“calm down, I assure you this woman, whoever she is has no clue, she is just lying”

“how can you be so sure?” trey had turned his face to the ground and wait a minute.. Why I’m I getting a feeling he is hiding something from me

“trey, is there something you want to tell me?”

“I just mean she can’t possible know who you are, we looked for information for years and found nothing” makes sense I guess because I was thinking the exact same thing. But I still had that feeling that he was hiding something from me. Still I had to go see her and find out what she knew otherwise I will go mad thinking about it.

“I’m ok trey, go to work or you’ll be late”

As soon as trey left, I went into the bathroom and had a quick shower. It was time to pay Ms slayer a visit

The scribbled address on the paper lead me to a high rise apartment. The door seamed shut from the inside, on the side were number with names written on the side. I didn’t see Ms Slayer`s name so I pressed for the number on the paper.

“come in” a voice said from the speaker phone and the door opened with a click sound.

As I walked through the doors, there was a lift up ahead. I pressed for the .8th floor and entered. I can tell that I’m nervous, my palm was sweaty and I couldn’t stop playing with my bracelet. I have no idea on what to expect, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea coming here on my own.

The lift stopped and opened its door and there she was standing in a door way, her face lit up with a smile. I felt my whole body shiver as I walked towards her; this gave me the energy and determination to want to find out what was going on once and for all.

“I have been expecting you my dear” she said as she ushered me into the apartment, her hand felt ice cold and she smelt odd

“Would you like something to drink dear?”

“no thank you,” the apartment was darkly decorated, nothing like the home uma had created. It had red candles lit and dark coloured furniture. I decided to hit the nail on the head and ask “how do you know me?”

“very impatient aren’t you, we have all night to talk”

“you might but I don’t, I have to be home very soon. So please I ask again. How do you know me?”

“Come now dear, is that anyway to talk to your mother”

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  1. I liked this chapter! :) I can't wait to see how Dee reacts and everything that happens... o_o